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Cassi Torres

If you feel like you've lost yourself somewhere along the way, let's find your voice.

Helping vocalists amplify their voice so they feel seen + heard. 

Doubting if you have what it takes to use your voice at the level you dream of.

Feeling overwhelmed and intimidated before you've even begun.

Taking care of everyone else's needs for so long that you feel like you've lost who you are.


Imagine the power and freedom you'd feel after defining your dream without getting distracted by everyone else’s.

Your vision is unique to you just like your voice. When you work on strengthening your voice the joy and freedom it brings can't help but spill over into other areas of your life. 

NEWS FLASH: you are enough right now! You have what it takes, and I'm here to help you rip the veil of perfection and choose connection. Scroll on.

When we make changes to your voice it's not like tuning an object like a guitar or trumpet, it's YOU we're changing. This work is vulnerable, and I don't take that lightly. That's why I help vocalists like you make changes from a soul level all the way down to a scientific level.

I'm passionate about 2 things: Laughing and Voice Science! As subjective as singing can feel, it's actually physics in motion and is therefore bound by certain "immutable laws" of acoustical science. But let's be real, this isn't just any old instrument we're talking about. 

The fact that you're here is already proof enough for me that you are a Dreamer and a Doer, and I'm already your BIGGEST FAN! 

Hola! I'm Cassi, your vocal mentor!

Don't believe in yourself yet? 
I'm sure I have a Journal Prompt or a Blog Post for that! 



client love

what they're sayin'

"Cassi is fierce and fearless, and totally with you every step of the way! A true educator and collaborator, she'll teach as well as help choose rep that fits your authentic voice."

 Arleen, Student

"I appreciate how you care for the entire individual you are coaching. It's so much more than just voice work! I cannot tell you how much you have helped my daughter grown not only as a vocalist but as a young woman!"

Elizabeth, Parent

"I can't recommend her ENOUGH!!! Cassi is an incredible voice technician, beautiful spirit, and amazing musician. Her method has provided me with a more clarified sound, easier singing, and a plain old great time!"

Chelsea, student

"After working with Cassi my voice feels lifted, present, and less heavy. The tools and techniques she uses are like the bra we've always dreamed of but didn't know existed till now!"

ashley, student

You're ready to be seen + heard. 
Special 1:1 package pricing for 4 or 8 online coaching sessions scheduled on your time.

Ready To See Results

Your voice is a process, not a product. If you're a vocalist who is ready to commit to the process, see major growth, and gain 1:1 individualized attention, I'm here for you, girl! 

Private 1:1 Coaching

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