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Where to Start with Singing?

🗣 There is so much that goes into singing and speaking at a high level, but if I had to break it down into its simplest parts – airflow, vibration, resonance.

👉 You gotta start with airflow!

 Your air is the 💨 fuel that keeps the engine running!

Air from the lungs activates vocal folds causing them to vibrate. 🌬

The vibration travels up to our mouth and nasal cavities, resonating or bouncing off the hard spaces causing them to ring at a similar frequency which increases the tone quality of the initial vibration.

These individual units functioning together is what creates the singing or speaking sound we hear!

Your unique sound is physics in motion!

If you’re feeling fatigued throughout the day, go back to airflow and resonance. How much air are you using? Where do you feel the sound resonating in your body?

These two questions will usually help you find the problem spot in your voice?

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